Teaching The Importance Of Philanthropy

Schools are a wonderful place to introduce children to philanthropy. Often, a child’s school is their first experience with learning how to function in a group outside of their family. It’s in school that children learn that working together, listening and cooperating make for positive experiences. A school can, and should, be viewed as a mini-community, where children learn to grow into productive citizens.

Teachers like Jason Hope have the ability to provide learning experiences that incorporate philanthropy into every-day lessons. In today’s world, we are inundated with information. Children are tech-savvy and come to school with information that they might not have been privy to even five years ago. A skillful teacher can harness this and teach students how they can help others.

As we say good-bye to summer and hello to fall and the beginning of another school-year, teachers have a great opportunity to involve their students in philanthropic lessons that have a direct positive impact on people in need. We have seen far too many tragedies that cause devastation. Tornadoes, earthquakes, blizzards, floods and hurricanes always seem to be in the news. What a great opportunity teachers and students have to make positive impacts in the lives of people that have lived through these events.

Start with young children and teach them well. Teach them that they can have a huge impact not only Omega-Claus-2012-3on their local community, but outside their community as well. Fundraisers, clothing drives, food donations, and even gift donations during the holidays are wonderful examples of being philanthropic. These are just a few examples of how schools and children can learn about giving back to the community and to others. Not only do children feel good about helping others, but they feel good about themselves and have improved self-esteem.

A great example of a philanthropic event that brings the school community together would include teachers, students and families. Usually the holidays are a perfect time for such events. There are too many children that go through the holidays without food or presents or even families. How wonderful would it be if a school could coordinate an effort that had parents working with staff and students and providing less-fortunate people with what they need during the holidays. Jason has recently started supporting events like this in order to help awareness, of these type of school-wide event naturally leads to other philanthropic endeavors throughout the year and eventually it becomes the school culture and part of who the children are.